Imaxio SA is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in the areas of vaccines and genomics.  Using IMX313, its antigen re-engineering technology, Imaxio is developing, both individually and with its partners, recombinant vaccines with improved effectiveness for applications in both human and animal health. In France, Imaxio already markets Spirolept(R), a human vaccine indicated for preventing a professional infectious disease, and Trolovol(R), an orphan drug indicated for a congenital metabolic disease.

Imaxio's genomics division undertakes diagnostic and therapeutic research in the field of oncology and immunology, as well as providing services in the areas of human health, the agro-food business and the environment.

Imaxio was created through the merger between Diagnogene and Avidis, a spin-off from the Medical Research Council and Cambridge University in the UK. The company owns well-founded intellectual property and collaborates with numerous academic partners, including the Jenner Institute at Oxford University.

Imaxio SA is based in Lyon and at Saint Beauzire, near Clermont-Ferrand in France. It has 24 employees, twelve of whom are engaged in R&D. In 2012 it delivered a turnover of EUR 2.7 million.

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