BELLEROPHON Annual Meeting 2015

20 October 2015

This year’s BELLEROPHON annual meeting took place 8-9 October in Oxford, UK.  Staying at Rewley house with two days of beautiful sunshine allowed the consortium to discuss in depth the past year's results.

Main topics were the effect of BELLEROPHONs Staphylococcus aureus vaccine candidate on several model systems, and the discovery of further promising antigens.  The independent scientific advisory committee complimented the consortium on its cutting edge research, and provided highly valuable input, thus helping the team to focus on the most important task in the next steps of the BELLEROPHON project.

Participants in the second BELLEROPHON annual meeting, 8-9 October, Oxford.  In the front row from left to right: Florence Nicolas, Sophia Hundt, Alexandre Le Vert, Bettina Ernst, Amy Flaxman, Pauline van Diemen.  In the back row from left to right: Odile Leroy, Anita Milicic, Oliver Schraidt, David Wyllie, Jean-Paul Prieels, Claudia Lindeman, Elizabeth Allen, Barbara Bröker, Christine Rollier, Yuko Yamaguchi.